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Forging strong blades and stronger bonds.

By combat veterans, for combat veterans.



Blades for Brothers exists to support, empower, and enrich the lives of America’s veterans, combat-wounded veterans, first responders, and families of fallen service members, to help them learn to live with their scars, both visible and buried within.

We provide opportunities for those veterans to bond with their brothers over common experience and interests, and provide a faith-based, understanding environment to experience the fun and fellowship of blacksmithing and the bond shared by all veterans by sponsoring their participation in knifemaking events, attending blade shows, and learning from some of the top makers in the industry.

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Greg "Gravy" Coker with Veteran and Bladesmith Steve Schwartzer


  • Provide methods and opportunities for veterans and family members to be around blade smiths and experience the benefit of Blades for Brothers.

  • Raise awareness of the visible and invisible wounds that veterans and family members experience every day because of their selfless service to our country.

  • Plan new and support existing events, including hammer in days, basic knife and tool making, as well as industry trade and knife shows that veterans and family members can attend free of cost.

  • Develop relationships with members of the knife industry and private citizens who are interested in helping us provide our veterans with Blades for Brothers

Night Stalker AH-6 pilot, veteran, and knifemaker Greg "Gravy" Coker at work in the Crusader Forge


I started this crusade to help my brothers-in-arms several years ago, seeking to help them through the tough times and the demons that we all struggle with. I am a Christian with a strong sense of faith...this is what got me through some extremely dark times, both as a soldier, and since leaving the battlefield.

I wanted to help veterans and their families learn to discover peace by providing hope, sound advice, and a ready listener, to empower them to conquer their fears, contribute to their community, and fully engage with family life

— Retired U.S. Army CW4 Gregory "Gravy" Coker

Night Stalker AH-6 pilot, veteran, and knifemaker Greg "Gravy" Coker in the Crusader Forge making Blades for Brothers


With the encouragement of my fellow combat veterans, I wrote a book, Death Waits in the Dark, detailing my experiences as an AH-6 attack helicopter pilot, cataloguing in honest detail my personal struggles on the battlefield and at home. It is the story of how we learn to pick ourselves up and find victory within when we have crashed and burned and are faced with our darkest moments. There may even be a few hellacious war stories to go with it.


I decided I would donate 100% of the proceeds to help vets, first responders, and their families. We have donated over $50,000 to date to several nonprofits that support my mission, to save my brothers in their time of need.

— Retired U.S. Army CW4 Gregory "Gravy" Coker

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