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War Steel Knives 

 All proceeds are tax deductible and donated to support veterans and their families. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and detailed instructions, or contact us if you want to purchase a piece of history.

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Steel recovered from the World Trade Center.
Barrels from a red-hot minigun.
A brotherhood of combat veterans around a hot forge.
Four blades as unique as the histories of the men who banded together to create them in fire and blood.

This is the story of The WarSteel Collection.

The Warsteel Daggers


WS Daggers.jpeg

I recently made these limited edition War Steel daggers for a podcast in NYC with The Team House to raise money. The 6 daggers, a piece of history, are a limited edition that are serial numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. We are asking $3,000, a tax deductible donation, for each dagger. 


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Blades for Brothers Purple Heart Fighter Knife Bob Horrigan

Reserve Price: $6,000 SOLD

I named this knife The Bob Purple Heart Fighter, after my good friend MSG Robert “Bob” Horrigan, who was KIA while conducting combat operations in western Iraq 17 Jun 05. Bob was one heck of a great bladesmith, and I am honored to have his twin brother, John, help me with this mission. I still think Bob taught John. The OAL of the knife is 10 inches with a hand ground saber cut 5-inch blade. I made the scales, or handles, out of Purple Heart wood and embedded two of my Purple Heart medals, one on each scale. I cut the thumb serrations on the top of the blade with a checkering file. The pins I use in all my knives represent the Dillon Aero M-134 miniguns that I carried on each side of my AH-6 little bird.

Blades for Brothers Leon Fighter Hanson MSG Ranger Knife Blade Damascus

Reserve Price: SOLD

MSG Leon Hanson was a good buddy of mine for many years. He was a Ranger and fire supporter in Delta Force, and we invaded Afghanistan together on 19 Oct 2001. Leon took his life on 26 Jun 2015, and I wanted to honor him. I wanted a knife for a fighter, like Leon, that was versatile and not as big as a Bowie…the OAL is 12 inches, and the blade 7.25 inches. There are 4 different patterns showing in the 1600 layers of Damascus steel. This harpoon style blade is .250 inches thick with a smooth thumb rest and a stainless hand guard. The handle facilitates both left- or right-hand use for a forward or reverse grip for fighting.

Blades for Brothers Six-Gun Dagger Minigun Steel

Reserve Price: SOLD! $8,000

Whew! I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to make a dagger. This is the second dagger I had ever made, and the learning curve was steep to say the least. I chose the blade length based on human anatomy; it is 5.5 inches to reach the aorta of an average size human in a frontal attack, I added a little extra for thick clothes. The half-tang dagger has an OAL of 12.5 inches with a blade length of 6.75 inches. The coffin handle is versatile, used with either left or right hand. It is flat, so one can index the blade (or a blind tactile reference) without looking for the cutting edge for close work. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Fairbairn, but this one is mine. The hand guard is stainless and the scales are black micarta with a red micarta liner, the horizontal red and black block I made from micarta. Again, the pins represent the miniguns I carried, and the red and black are the colors of the 6 Guns.

Blades for Brothers Mini-Bob Knife Blade Damascus Horrigan

Reserve Price: SOLD

This is an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife that I designed and is a smaller version of the Bob fighter with an OAL of 7.25 inches with a 3.5 inch blade. I hand cut the serrations with a checkering file and the jimping I cut with a round and triangle file. The G10 Burl scales were made by Current Inc. specifically for this project.

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