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Blades for Brothers Purple Heart Fighter Knife Bob Horrigan

I named this knife The Bob Purple Heart Fighter, after my good friend MSG Robert “Bob” Horrigan, who was KIA while conducting combat operations in western Iraq 17 Jun 05 . Bob was one heck of a great bladesmith, and I am honored to have his twin brother, John, help me with this mission. I still think Bob taught John. The OAL of the knife is 10 inches with a hand ground saber cut 5-inch blade. I made the scales, or handles, out of Purple Heart wood and embedded two of my Purple Heart medals, one on each scale. I cut the thumb serrations on the top of the blade with a checkering file. The pins I use in all my knives represent the Dillon Aero M-134 miniguns that I carried on each side of my AH-6 little bird.

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